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DOD 2023
Drivers of Digital Awards and Summit

  • Agenda Theme

Theme: Navigating Digital Frontiers: Transform, Transcend, Triumph



The digital landscape is an ever-expanding frontier, offering boundless opportunities for innovation, growth, and transformation. In the spirit of embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital realm, the theme for the Drivers of Digital Awards 2023 is “Navigating Digital Frontiers: Transform, Transcend, Triumph.” It encapsulates the spirit of exploration, innovation, and celebration that defines the digital age. The Drivers of Digital Awards 2024 will be a platform for recognizing and applauding those who boldly venture into the digital unknown, transcending boundaries, and emerging triumphant in their digital endeavors. Get ready to embark on a journey where digital frontiers are conquered and triumphs are celebrated!



Acknowledge the constant evolution and transformation within the digital space. From emerging technologies to groundbreaking strategies, recognize the power of transformation in shaping the future.



We aim to emphasize the global nature of digital frontiers and explore how digital initiatives transcend geographical constraints, fostering collaboration and connectivity on a global scale.



Triumph signifies not just success, but the celebration of achievements that make a lasting impact. We aim to recognize digital endeavors that have overcome challenges, achieved milestones, and set new benchmarks for excellence.


Event Agenda


Keynote #1

Revolutionizing Lead Generation – The Power of AI-Driven Optimization

In an era of evolving consumer behaviors and complex purchase journeys, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining a steady stream of prospective customers. This keynote session will aim to explore the transformative power of AI-driven optimization in lead generation, shedding light on how cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize the way brands identify, nurture, and convert leads. We delve into the intricacies of modern consumer journeys, the challenges in tracking and attribution, and the pivotal role of integrated data sources in unlocking the full potential of AI.


Keynote #2

Unleashing the Power of AI in Marketing Agency Evolution

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era for marketing agencies, catalyzing a paradigm shift in strategies and methodologies. This keynote session will aim to delve into the transformative journey of marketing agencies as they integrate AI, unraveling the profound impact on customer relationship building. By exploring key areas of AI implementation, we aim to illuminate how agencies are adapting and leveraging advanced technologies to deliver unprecedented value to clients.


Panel Discussion #1

Unveiling the Full Impact: Holistic Measurement in Marketing Strategies

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the quest for comprehensive insights to drive impactful strategies remains paramount. This panel discussion will aim to address a critical challenge faced by brands—the limited visibility into their marketing impact due to traditional last-click attribution models. We explore the necessity of adopting holistic measurement solutions, shedding light on how a complete view of the customer journey can unlock higher returns and foster informed decision-making. The panel discussion aims to dissect the impact of holistic measurement on marketing strategies and business outcomes.


Panel Discussion #2

Navigating Privacy in Ad Tech: The Fragmented Landscape and the Road to Trust

Privacy in the ad tech industry stands at a critical crossroads, shaped by a fragmented regulatory landscape and evolving consumer expectations. This panel discussion aims to dissect the current state of privacy in ad tech, addressing the challenges posed by disparate data protection laws and the imperative for a privacy-by-design approach. Industry experts will delve into the importance of transparency, the shift from minimizing opt-outs to encouraging opt-ins, and the role of trust-building in fostering a more privacy-conscious ecosystem.


Panel Discussion #3

Crafting Compelling Narratives, Fostering Loyalty, and Navigating Consumer Decision-Making

Join our panel of industry experts at the Drivers of Digital Awards 2024 as they uncover the art and science of digital marketing alchemy. In a world saturated with information, our panelists will explore how marketers can transform ordinary interactions into meaningful engagements. From crafting compelling narratives to fostering customer loyalty and guiding decision-making, this discussion promises to unveil the secrets behind successful digital marketing strategies.


Panel Discussion #4

Innovative Strategies in Fintech Marketing: A Deep Dive into AI-Infused Campaigns

Dive into the core of Fintech Marketing innovation with our expert panel. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping Fintech campaigns. Gain unparalleled insights into cutting-edge strategies that leverage AI to navigate the complexities of the Fintech landscape. This panel discussion is your gateway to mastering the fusion of Fintech and AI-infused marketing. 


Fireside Chat #1

Empowering Privacy in the Digital Age: A Dialogue with <Expert Name>

Embark on a journey into the digital frontier of privacy in this fireside chat, centering around Chrome’s latest endeavor to empower users and curtail cross-site tracking. Join us for an enriching conversation with <expert name>, a luminary in the fields of privacy, technology, or digital innovation. Together, we explore the far-reaching implications of Chrome’s new Tracking Protection feature and delve into the broader premised of privacy measures shaping the digital landscape.


Fireside Chat #2

Retail Media vs. Social Media – Unveiling the True Performance Drivers

Ignite the conversation as we delve into the heartbeat of modern marketing – Retail Media and Social Media. Join us for a fireside chat that dissects the findings of the ad:tech ‘Drivers of Growth 2024’ survey, revealing that Social and Retail have emerged as the reigning performance drivers for brands. Engage in a spirited discussion as we explore whether these channels are inherently superior at driving growth beyond traditional Search and Affiliate strategies. Delve into the efficiencies they bring to the marketing table and unlock the secrets of optimization techniques that brands should harness to thrive in this dynamic landscape


Special Address #1

GenAI’s Impact on Human Creativity – Revolutionizing or Reducing?

Step into the ring for a special address that dissects the true impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on human creativity. Join the special keynote that will aim to explore the contentious question: Is GenAI truly revolutionizing human creativity across content creation, conversational commerce, social content, and omnichannel journeys, or is it inadvertently reducing the authenticity and uniqueness of creative expression? 


Special Address #2

Connected TV (CTV): Understanding the Data-Driven Entertainment Landscape

Join us for a special address that demystifies the dynamics of Connected TV (CTV), a powerful force shaping the landscape of entertainment and advertising. Explore the effectiveness of CTV, its current growth trajectory, and the imminent challenges and opportunities awaiting marketers in 2024. This address will shed light on the substantial advertising prospects within CTV, emphasizing its unique advantages, including refined targeting options, expanded opportunities for publishers, and its emergence as a significant alternative for third-party targeting amidst evolving privacy laws.