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Drivers Of Digital Awards & Summit

Organised by INKSPELL / Global Trends Forum
and ICIC

The Drivers of Digital Awards & Summit, organized by INKSPELL/Global Trends Forum and ICIC, stands as a prestigious program in India. It is meticulously crafted to recognize, commend, and honor businesses, agencies, and individuals who have ushered in remarkable transformations in marketing by harnessing the potential of digital and automated processes. Our esteemed panel of industry experts, constituting the Jury, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Drivers of Digital Awards maintains its distinction and bestows unparalleled recognition and credibility upon the initiative.

In 2023, we are excited to present the theme “Digital Dynamics Unleashed.” This theme is chosen with the aim of igniting fresh conversations on how business leaders and marketers can navigate the path to sustainable growth for their brands amidst a global economy facing unexpected challenges. At this critical juncture, we emphasize the indispensable roles played by Creativity, Data, and Revenue in shaping marketing strategies. It promises to be a fascinating exploration of how these critical elements seamlessly integrate into the strategic landscape of marketing. Join us in unraveling the potential and opportunities within the digital realm as we venture into the future.

Collaborate With Us

With an eclectic mix of over 400 attendees represented by the leadership, senior and mid-level officials from the leading brands and agencies, DOD 2023 offers a wide spectrum of marketing, branding and partnership opportunities.

Eminence Forum

DOD 2023 presents a great platform for professionals and enterprises to position themselves as thought-leaders in the market by representing at the exclusive Speaker and/or Juror panel of this highly anticipated programme.



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  • 25 Oct - 09 Dec 2022
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